Speights coast to coast prizes

Speights coast to coast prizes

Five-time Coast to Coast winner Richard Ussher is looking to put his stamp on including recommendations for lower race fees, more prize money, and new . The Speights Coast to Coast takes place February Kathmandu Coast to Coast - Christchurch, New Zealand - Rated based on 23 Reviews "The best Multi-sport event in the World, you would have to be mad. The Coast to Coast is a non-standard multisport competition held annually in New Zealand. Dunedin brewery Speight's had the naming rights for 32 years but cancelled its sponsorship in May , with Moa Brewing Company as the .. Gurney thus missed out on his chance to wear a dress during the prize-giving.

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Recumbents, uni-cycles, tri-cycles, tandems and row-bikes can only be used with prior approval of the Race Director. A few things were new for theand some of them caused a furore. There are no refunds Speights coast to coast prizes lost tickets.

It is the competitor's responsibility to have adequate skills to negotiate and avoid the hazards on the mountain running stage. For those with more sensible pacing this is a great warm up for the long day ahead.

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Speights coast to coast prizes -

You can order extra bibs for your team if you enter prior to the 1st of December - payment applies. Please have your cycling equipment available at registration. In the men's individual two-day category, Doug Lomax won the race. Competitors must paddle between them. The temperature at Goat Pass was 4 degrees Celsius.

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  • The Kathmandu Coast to Coast is an iconic multisport event based in the If you...
Speights coast to coast prizes

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  1. This New Zealand multisport race is an iconic annual event for New Zealand's multitude of multisport athletes.

  2. The race is one of the world's longest running multi-sports events and is older even than the Hawaiian Ironman.

  3. Each competitor understands that participation in this competition is at their own risk and must accept full responsibility for their wellbeing during the event.

  4. Covering the same course as the two-day event but with the entire km course covered in one day.

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