Bolt charger bracelet

Bolt charger bracelet

Don't look for your iPhone charger, wear it! BOLT is a fashionable leather bracelet crafted by an Apple certified manufacturer using genuine leather & plated with. by Charles Darius BOLT is a wearable bracelet made for iPhone, iPad & iPod, crafted of genuine leather designed to SYNC & CHARGE your devices in style!. Charles Darius is raising funds for BOLT - Stylish iPhone bracelet charger by CHARLES DARIUS™ on Kickstarter! BOLT is a wearable bracelet.

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Product successfully added to your cart. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Delivery within 48 hours in France. Don't let your Lightning cable leave you or get lost. Let it elegantly wrap around your wrist until it's time to use it.

Genuine leather with eye-catching finishes punctuated by full of class variations, that's what Bolt wristbands are really all about.

Bolt charger bracelet -

Let it elegantly wrap around your wrist until it's time to use it. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Last items in stock! Check out the FAQ. Genuine leather with eye-catching finishes punctuated by full of class variations, that's what Bolt wristbands are really all about.

And we organized fulfillment platforms both in the USA and Europe insuring the delivery of the products for the cheapest rate while being reliable. Estimated delivery Dec

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  • BOLT - Stylish iPhone bracelet charger by CHARLES DARIUS™ by Charles Darius — Kickstarter
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  • Bolt Charging Bracelet Is A Stylish, Wearable iPhone Lightning Cable
  • The Bolt Charging Bracelet Bolt balances aesthetic, craftsmanship, and modern technology. When pulled, it turns into a...
  • The Bolt Charging Bracelet is a stylish and wearable iPhone Lightning cable which allows you to charge up...
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USB Charging and data Bracelet Cable Bolt charger bracelet

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  1. We spent nearly a year developing the BOLT bracelets with our own funds, which we spent between the followings process:.

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