Pinterest facebook tab

Pinterest facebook tab

There's a new, better-looking, and easier-than-ever way to add your Pinterest boards to your Facebook Fan Page: a free Pinterest Tab App from. There are 3 free options for adding a Pinterest tab to your Facebook Page. Find the step by step instructions for each of these options here. Ever wonder how do you add a Pinterest tab that shows your Pinterest feed to your Facebook Business page? Click here to learn how!.

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If your Pinterest account has different boards on different topics, you should link the Pinterest board to your Facebook Pinterest facebook tab instead of only showing irrelevant boards or pins. Your Facebook page and Pinterest account should be connected, and the tab should load all the pins available under your Pinterest boards. Another awesome features are: Follow Pinterest facebook tab on social media and say hello!

Select a Facebook page to install the app. You Pinterest facebook tab even easily import pins and boards from your Pinterest account to your Facebook page using the Pinterest tab.

You will be taken to the Woobox Pinterest Tab Edit page.

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: Pinterest facebook tab

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