Kellogg s cereal box prizes 70s

Kellogg s cereal box prizes 70s

I don't know the answer, but the fact is that appreciation for cereal box toys is gone. Kellogg's, the first to put prizes in their cereal boxes, has. The 16 sweetest free prizes that ever came inside cereal boxes General Mills, Post and Kellogg's gave away everything from toy cars and rockets Technically this is the back of the box, not inside the box, but how cool was. The problem with cereal box prizes is they were usually way down in the very In the 's, Kellogg's also gave away Stuff-Yourself Nursery Rhyme In the 's Hendry developed an injection molding process for cereal.

Stand up year, Cracker Jack got rid of physical prizes also gaol their snack boxes. It was the end of an era. Now kids get some considerate of download, or have to a QR patterns with their phone. That's hardly the same thrill as digging for a little toy buried amidst the peanuts and popcorn. Cereal prizes have slowly faded away as well. There was a time you could find a tiny plastic thingamajig in the duff of every crate.

The boxes themselves were often toys, that you could convert into, think, a basketball backboard. General Mills, Record and Kellogg's gave away everything from toy cars and rockets to binoculars and decoder rings.

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Breakfast cereal gifts part 2 ( the toys inside the cereal box)

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The 16 sweetest free prizes that ever came inside cereal boxes

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Cereal Box Prizes

Kellogg s cereal box prizes 70s -

The Archies and Monkees sounded better on cardboard. Or drag a file here to upload. Last year, Cracker Jack got rid of physical prizes inside their snack boxes. Okay, maybe not, but it was fun to cut them out. Retrieved from " https: Pep pins have included U. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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  1. A cereal box prize , also known as a cereal box toy in the UK and Ireland, is a form of advertising that involves using a promotional toy or small item that is offered as an incentive to buy a particular breakfast cereal.

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