Tumblr page

Tumblr page

How to Create a Custom Page on Tumblr. This wikiHow teaches you how to create and customize an additional page for your Tumblr blog. You will need to use. You can find themes that display tags with each post at kompati.info A tag page is a dashboard-style view of all the posts that are tagged with a given. When I fell asleep in all my clothes as a kid my mother would call it 'ready to roll'. link. image.. link. image. link. I think the song sounds cool, I did it in like Tumblr page

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For example, if the page link is called "New Product Photos," type the following into Google's search field: The people who help you measure your performance on Tumblr. Targetable like regular Sponsored Posts with additional analytics on views, looping, and engagement. You'll see a list of your current blogs at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

One alternative is to Tumblr page each individual piece of art as a separate blog post and then link them Tumblr page with Tumblr page tags.

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Tumblr page
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Redirecting a WordPress Page to Tumblr

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How to make a free blog with Tumblr! (2014) (HD) Beginners tutorial & Guide to tumblr

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  1. This wikiHow teaches you how to create and customize an additional page for your Tumblr blog.

  2. Using the "Add a Page" option on the customization screen, you can complement your blog posts with separate, fixed pages on your Tumblr -- these pages can feature biographical information, contact details or a portfolio of your artwork.

  3. If you are moving some of your content from your business WordPress page to Tumblr, you can use a redirect plugin to divert visitors to your new website.

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