Double wear sample

Double wear sample

So my question is, do Estee Lauder give you samples of their Double Wear foundation? Also, if they do, can I go to another Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder wants you to try their Double Wear foundation so hurry up now and get yourself a free sample that will be good for 10 days. Just follow our link and. I got a tester sachet of Double Wear in this month's Easy Living mag. It says in the mag advert if you like it go and get a day free sample from y.

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Estée Lauder "Double Wear" Stay-in-Place Makeup TV Commercial (Spring 2016) - Macy's Edition
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Double wear sample

Took it home and wore it the next day, went out in daylight and starkers, it was so dark on my face. And try another counter.

They also exchange if you do Double wear sample the wrong one! I find that the MAC store in sydney has really dark lighting compared to the rest of the cosmetics floor and I've wasted money. Thanks so much everyone! I Double wear sample planning on buying the foundation right away so I asked her if I could get a sample.

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Double wear sample -

The only foundation they can't give to you are the powders and creme compacts, understandably. Tell Estee Lauder about the terrible service. Making your skincare go that extra mile.

Maybe it's just a mix-up on the SA's part. I wouldn't be game enough to try haha. I came in a few days ago asking for a match on two of their foundations, Double Wear Light and Invisible Fluid, and the SA gave me a VERY generous mini bottle filled to the brim - which she filled herself.

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