Goodlife 12 week challenge prizes and awards

Goodlife 12 week challenge prizes and awards

Photorazzi Open-Style Photo Booths photo gallery from Goodlife Health Clubs - 12 Week Challenge - Gala Awards Night - Melbourne. Congratulations to our national 12 Week Challenge winners Analisa Mathrick ( from Wantirna, trained by Nick McKiernan) and Daniel Ricardo (from Nerang. Purchase the 12 Week Challenge online program to be in the running for our Our club winners will each receive one ticket to Fernwood's 12 Week Challenge.

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Goodlife 12 week challenge prizes and awards -

Prizes on Offer To get the latest that we have to offer, you'll need to update. The decision made by the panel will take into account ALL of the eligibility criteria included herewith and not just points accrued. It appears you're using an unsupported browser. For further terms and conditions, please contact Club Med or visit https: It is an 8 week lifestyle program expertly designed to help you accomplish amazing results, shift your mindset and transform your body from the inside out with: Accrue points on an individual basis within the club clubs to check tally and have their points recorded, completed, signed off and available for review by the judging panel at Fernwood National Support Office.



Details of the winners will be published on www. Purchase and attend twelve 12 Personal Training or Functional Fit sessions. The Transformation program is only available to current Goodlife members. How to Enter 6.

The four 4 Goodlife 12 week challenge prizes and awards finalists will be selected from the pool of seventy 70 club winners. Who can Enter 5. Flights can only be redeemed on travel to Melbourne during the period of June

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Goodlife 12 week challenge prizes and awards

The Goodlife Health Clubs 8 Week Challenge starts on 7th October 2018!

Goodlife Health Clubs – 8 Week Challenge – Starts 7/10/17

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  1. Transformation will teach you about creating healthier habits and improve your diet and lifestyle, while Fitter Faster Stronger is perfect for functional training fanatics looking to take their fitness to the next level.

  2. Transformation will teach you about creating healthier habits and improve your diet and lifestyle, while Fitter Faster Stronger is perfect for functional training fanatics looking to take their fitness to the next level.

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12 Week Challenge - Prizes

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