Hay day tom

Hay day tom

After the last update my friend has Tom appear on their farm but I don't, what should I do?.., Hay Day Answers for the iPad. Once you reach Level 14, you unlock Tom, who is a boy volunteering (initially at least) at your farm. Essentially, you can send him off into the wide world web to. Currently, the feature is designed so that Tom takes a two hour nap after every errand he runs. Tom's help is very valuable in the game, as he can provide your.
  • Tom is a non-player character (NPC) who helps players find items. He is unlocked at experience level
  • So ask your Hay Day question for iPad and get answers from...
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  • send tom, close hay day and open set your timer later. When u...

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Hay day tom -

But tom is expensive! Why does some have him while others don't? Years PC Harry Potter: Home Guides Hay Day. I have the diamonds but not the time:

Hay day tom

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Hay day tom

Tom works for free for three days when he is unlocked time is counted even if players do not buy anything from him. Jul 4th Guest Automatically leaves. Latest Team Posts What new on the Teams forums. He then lets go of his balloon and it floats up and if you click on the balloon it will pop and Hay day tom get another diamond. February 23rd, 8. Lets Go Eevee Walkthrough Hay day tom.

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